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How From A to Zeke started....

I started crafting as a hobby to decorate my home in 2015 which then turned into a small business after friends started loving what I made. I have since quit my full-time job and now do pallet parties & custom orders full-time. This way I am able to be home with my boys and my husband. I named my business, in honor of our late son Ezekiel, "From A to Zeke".  Zeke is our 3rd son who died in 2010. I wanted something to keep his memory alive. He will always be our 3rd son we don't shy away from his story and we love to talk about him even though he is not here with us. He will always be apart of our family although he was chosen to go to heaven way sooner than we had hoped.  My husband and I have been married for 15 years. He has been my biggest supporter and keeps me focused. We have 4 boys at home ranging from toddler to teenager.  I am a boymom of 5 who loves leggings, coffee, cupcakes, coffee, crafting... did I mention coffee?

I look forward to every pallet party. I enjoy meeting all of you that come to my home for a workshops, or at the ones that I can set up in your home. Crafting to me has become my outlet after a busy day as a mom.  

Rustic Decor has become my favorite thing! I love to take old pallet wood and turn it into something beautiful to hang on your wall. Something you can be proud of and say "I made that!"  There is nothing better than a night with your friends, hanging out and getting creative. 

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