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  • Private Party/ Katrina M.

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    Please type in the words you want on your pallet (please do not just type in the number by the design) Text me at 770-312-2701 for any questions!
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    Are you ready to have a great evening with your friends? 

    You have been invited to a pallet party! You will each choose the design and choice that you would like to do. All pallets are custom made and cut to each guests’ specifications.

    2.     Pick your design and then choose your size from the drop-down menu. Make sure to type in the design you would like on your board. 

    **  You can go to the shop section of the website and look at available designs. They are organized under the styles of boards that best fit each of them. (Please know I am still adding designs, there will be more choices on my FB page for now)

     *****Don’t see anything you like? You can do a custom sign. Please message me at 770-312-2701 to see if that is something I can do.

         Check out and do not worry about shipping it will not give me the option to take it off so I have free shipping checked. I am not shipping it to you because you are painting it the night of the party. You will receive all the supplies that night and you will be taking it home when you are finished.


    That’s it! You can choose all your colors the night of the party. You also can add on a frame to your sign (not available on rounds) or you can choose to have hardware put on your sign so that you can hang it up as soon as you get home.

    Due to the custom nature of this party, there are NO REFUNDS. If you are not able to come to the party for whatever reason you can either give your spot to someone else, (they will have to paint what you purchased) you can turn it into a custom order for $5 paint fee, or you can turn it into a credit and when I have my next open workshop and you can come paint it then. Please message email me at to discuss the best option.

    Aprons will be provided but please know that we are using paint and as it is all water based and should wash out you just never know depending on fabric types. So please take that into consideration when dressing for the party.

    If you book a future party from the party you are attending you & your hostess will receive a special gift from me!